Results Peru

The Tradeoff Analysis Model has been used in the Cajamarca Province in collaboration with the Peruvian National Soil and Water Conservation Program (PRONAMACHCS). With the model an evaluation of the soil conservation techniques has been made and some results are shown in the graphs below.


Tradeoff between the net income for the farmer and the cumulative erosion. Without terraces the erosion is much higher, but terraces decrease the net income for the farmer. With other technical help and better terraces the income will increase.


The same tradeoff but no with an agroforestry option. Agroforestry decreases significantly the erosion, but without subsidies the net income is much lower for farmers and they will probably not invest in terraces or agroforestry.


Irrigation is a very profitable option for the farmers, while their net income increases and the erosion decreases. However, the erosion decreases not as much as with terraces or agroforestry. Furthermore, irrigation is not always an option, since water availability is limited and groundwater levels may decrease.