Results The Netherlands

The application of the Tradeoff Analysis model for The Netherlands case study has only been used for educational purposes. The results that are presented below should not be interpreted as real results, but as possible outcomes that illustrate the Tradeoff Analysis methodology for the Dutch intensive dairy farming system.


This figure shows the tradeoff between the tradeoff points, which is in this case an increasing milk price, and nitrate leaching for three different scenarios. The milk price it self does not have much influence on the amount of nitrate leaching, because farmers are bound to their milk quotum. However, an increase of this milk quotum results in a much higher nitrate leaching, because farmers will intensify their production. A decrease of N leaching can be reached by increasing the penalties for exceeding the amount of allowed nitrate leaching.


This figure shows the tradeoff between the net returns and the leaching of nitrate. For the scenario with a 20% higher milk quota the leaching of nitrate will be much higher and will exceed in most cases the limit of 180 kg/ha. An higher penalty on N leaching causes a decrease of the amount of nitrate leaching.