20-21 June 2005

The Ecoregional Fund Project: Tradeoff Analysis as an operational and accepted tool for policy analysis has come to an end. The final workshop will be held in Nairobi (June 20-21, 2005). All info on the project and documentation can be found on the Ecoregional Fund page.

19 April 2005 Guillermo Baigorria graduated at Wageningen University on a thesis entitled: Climate Interpolation for land resource and land use studies.The thesis is available in the download page. 
14 February 2005

Reinier Ellenkamp finished his MSc thesis on digital soil mapping in Machakos. The thesis is available in the download page. 

6-10 September 2004

Tradeoff training workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The first version of the Tradeoff Analysis Model for Machakos was presented and participants received training in the use of the modeling system (All workshop materials).

July 2004 A paper in the Journal of Environmental Management was published entitled "Trade-off analysis in the Northern Andes to study the dynamics in agricultural land use" was published. The paper can be downloaded from the download page.
June, 2004 After intensive cooperation an interface has been established with the NUTMON toolbox. The usage of NUTMON survey data and the analysis of nutrient balances is now formally structured. The application for Machakos has been the basic case study.

May, 27-28 2004 Project leaders of the Fund For Methodological Support to Ecoregional Programs meet with the chair, DGIS representative and Price Waterhouse Coopers (The new managing entity of the fund)
March 2004

A paper in Agricultural Systems entitled "The Tradeoff Analysis Model: Integrated Bio-Physical and Economic Modeling of Agricultural Production Systems" was published. The paper can be downloaded from the download page.

17-21 November 2003

Tradeoff training workshop in Dakar, Senegal. The first version of the Tradeoff Analysis Model for Senegal will be presented and participants will receive training in the use of the modelling system. (all workshop materials)

14 October 2003 Presentation by Jetse Stoorvogel at the dept. of Soil Science and Geology entitled "The cause and effect of soil variability in the Ecuadorian Andes". He will focus on the disaggregation of the soil information and the analysis in terms of tradeoffs. The presentation will start at 12:30 at the Dept. of Soil Science and Geology (Wageningen University) (presentation)
18 September 2003

A sitemap has been added to the homepage and some other pages have been updated.

5 August 2003

The Tradeoff Analysis Model homepage has been completely renewed and also the online course is now available.

22 August 2002

DGIS (Dutch development aid of the Dutch Government) has approved the second phase of the Ecoregional Methodology Fund. The Ecoregional Methodology Fund provided essential funds for the development of the Tradeoff Analysis Model in its first phase. In the second phase, it provides 250,000 US$ for a further development of this tool and to make it operational and test it. The application will focus on Kenya and the analysis of soil nutrient balances through a linkage with the nutrient monitoring tool NUTMON.`