There is an increasing call for tools that provide insight into the complex nature of agricultural systems and that deal with a broad range of sustainability issues related to policy intervention, technological innovations and changes in environmental conditions (e.g. climate change). The Tradeoff Analysis Model  is based on spatially-explicit econometric simulation models linked to spatially-referenced bio-physical simulation models to simulate land use and input use decisions and their impact on e.g. environment, poverty, human health, and food security. 
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Latest news

The Ecoregional Fund Project: Tradeoff Analysis as an operational and accepted tool for policy analysis has come to an end. The final workshop will be held in Nairobi (June 20-21, 2005). All info on the project and documentation can be found on the Ecoregional Fund page.


Guillermo Baigorria graduated at Wageningen University on a thesis entitled: Climate Interpolation for land resource and land use studies.The thesis is available in the download page. 


Reinier Ellenkamp finished his MSc thesis on digital soil mapping in Machakos. The thesis is available in the download page. 


Tradeoff training workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The first version of the Tradeoff Analysis Model for Machakos was presented and participants received training in the use of the modeling system 
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