At this page you can download the latest documentation, software and datasets of the Tradeoff Analysis Model. 

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The Tradeoff Analysis Model setup for the Ecuador case study (8.0 Mb)

The Tradeoff Analysis Model setup for the Peru case study (8.6 Mb)

The Tradeoff Analysis Model setup for the Senegal case study (8.6 Mb)

The Tradeoff Analysis Model setup for the Kenya case study (11 Mb)

The Borland Database Engine (5.5 Mb)


The Tradeoff Analysis Model - user manual (1.9 Mb)

Stoorvogel, J.J., J.M. Antle, C.C. Crissman, and W. Bowen. 2004. The Tradeoff Analysis Model: Integrated Bio-Physical and Economic Modeling of Agricultural Production Systems. Agricultural Systems 80: 43-66. (0.5 Mb)

Stoorvogel, J.J., Antle, J.M., Crissman, C.C., 2004. Trade-off analysis in the Northern Andes to study the dynamics in agricultural land use. Journal of Environmental Management, 72: 23-33. (0.6 Mb) 

Antle, J.M. and B. Diagana, 2003. Creating Incentives for the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Developing Countries: The Role of Soil Carbon Sequestration. AAEA Annual Meetings, Montreal, Quebec, July 27-30, 2003. Forthcoming in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Ellenkamp, G.R., 2004. Soil variability and landscape in the Machakos district, Kenya. A detailed soil survey as part of the study on the influence of soil variability on tradeoffs between agricultural productivity and soil fertility. MSc Thesis, Wageningen University 

Baigorria Paz, G.A. 2005. Climate interpolation for land resource and land use studies in mountainous regions. PhD, Wageningen University, Wageningen.


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