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Tradeoff Analysis Workshop - Nairobi, Kenya

September 6-10, 2004, ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya 

This web-page presents the course, data and results of the Tradeoff Analysis Workshop. The course aims to acquaint people with the Tradeoff Analysis Program and to train people in the basics of the methodology. The workshop dealt with the case study elaborated for the Machakos district on the basis of Nutmon data.

On-line course contents

1. Introduction to the trade-off analysis.
2. Key components and linkages in an agricultural system.
3. The structure of the tradeoff analysis system
4. Data requirements and structure
5. Model estimation
6. Model simulation
7. Visualization of results
8. Alternative scenarios
9. Disciplinary workshops
10.Evaluation of advanced scenarios
11. Project teams planning meetings
12. Course evaluation

Workshop program
Workshop participants
Workshop pictures (1-15)
Workshop pictures (16-30)

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