Lesson 1 - Installation of the Tradeoff Analysis Model

Before starting this first lesson the Tradeoff Analysis Model for the Ecuador case has to be downloaded. To open the zip-file with the installation program, one first has to send an email with personal data for registration, to obtain the password. Also the Borland Database Engine has to be downloaded and installed for the proper functioning of the Tradeoff Analysis Model.

After installing the Borland Database Engine, one has to check its configuration. The TOA Model uses the Borland Database Engine to read and write proper dBase files. Depending on the settings of your computer, you may need to define the type of dBase files that are being written. The Borland Database Engine can be configured through the BDE administrator (bdeadmin.exe). In the following text, it is explained how the level of database files can be adapted in such a way that they can be read without any problem by e.g., SAS.

First locate the BDE administrator. Go to the Control Panel of Windows (Start Settings Control Panel) and double click the shortcut for the BDE administrator or search for the file bdeadmin.exe. The next step is the location of the dBase definition. To do so, first click on the configuration tab, then go to: Configuration Drivers Native DBASE (Figure 1). Adapt the settings for the DBASE files by setting the level at 5, higher values will create dBase files that can not be read by SAS. The other settings might be different from the example of Figure 1, but should not be changed. Close the BDE administrator (Object Exit) and save all settings.


Figure 1. Configuration of the Borland Database Engine


For installing the TOA model extract the zip-file (setup_car.zip) to a temporary directory and open the application setup.exe. The Tradeoff Analysis Model is by default installed in the directory C:\to31_car\. This directory contains the Tradeoff Analysis Model (tradeoff.exe) and all directories with the necessary data and models.Typically Tradeoff Analysis model has a directory structure as follows:

The default installation creates all directories and all files are directly on the appropiate location. One should only check the location of the SAS program (sas.exe). This location can be defined in the TOA model, open the Tradeoff Analysis model (Tradeoff.exe) and go to: Settings - Economic models - General - Statistical package. The model is now ready to use. In the next lesson the preparation of own input data or editing of the given input data will be explained. In lesson 3 the setup of a TOA project is explained.

Lesson 2