Different applications will be developed for Kenya. On a recent mission of the TOA team, two initial study sites are identified (Katumani and Lake Victoria Basin). In Katumani (Machakos), a KARI team is working with a grant from the Rockefeller foundation to carry out an integrated assessment. A whole range of activities is going on in Western Kenya. Key partner will be the research team led by ICRAF. With the approval of the second phase of the Ecoregional Methodology Fund a linkage of the Tradeoff Analysis Model with the NutMon toolbox is anticipated. A first application of the Tradeoff Analysis Model will be based on the dataset collected by a NUTMON team in Machakos. For more information on this project read the background and problem definition.

Landscape of the Machakos District. Small fields with many different crops on the red soils are typical for this area.

Coffee is one of the main crops, and because of some extra fertilizer and manure less depleting for the soil than annual crops.