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Text Box: Tradeoff Analysis
Tradeoff Analysis

as an operational and accepted tool for policy analysis


The Tradeoff Analysis Methodology is one of the ecoregional methodologies developed with support of the ecoregional methodology fund. It includes as part of its research process the Tradeoff Analysis Model©. The current project aims to consolidate this tool including:
•  the demonstration of its applicability,
•  the development of training material,
•  strategies for the transfer of the methodology to research projects,
•  the institutionalization of the tool, and
•  a clear identification of the role of the Tradeoff Analysis Methodology in the broad field of land use analysis.
The research project is structured into three work packages dealing with i) the application of the tradeoff analysis model, ii) training material and technology transfer, and iii) communication of results.
The project is jointly executed with “the tradeoff analysis project phase 2: scaling up and technology transfer to address poverty, food security and sustainability of the agro-environment” funded by the Soil Management Collaborative Research Support Program of USAID.

At this page you can download the latest documentation of the Tradeoff Analysis Model.

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